My Partner in Crime


First things first, please excuse my ghetto, chewed up finger nails! Its a disgusting habit that I can’t quit!

Now on to what, or should I say whom, I want to really talk about. My husband!

My husband truly is an incredible man, he really is. People tell me how awesome he is all the time and I’m like “I KNOW RIGHT!!!!”. But seriously, he is! He’s been the icing on my cake since day one and continues to make my life sweeter and sweeter everyday. He’s also an amazing father! (And makes a pretty cute baby if I do say so myself.)



Ironically, we met several years ago through a mutual friend, ok actually the friend was my boyfriend at the time but that was forever ago. Joe and the friend were in nursing school together so we all hung out together every once in a while. The friend was even in Joe’s first wedding, which I attended, with said friend. Thats right, you heard me, I was at my husbands first wedding.

Anyway, the friend/boyfriend and I eventually broke up and I married someone else and moved to California for a couple years. ( I miss Cali by the way. The people are, lets say different (different than what I’m use to I guess), but the state itself is incredibly beautiful!!!) Then I moved to Texas to be closer to my family. I eventually divorced and entered the single world yet again. I hate dating by the way. Not because I just *have* to be in a relationship but because I’m just the type of person who enjoys being in a relationship, specifically a marriage.

Well, while I was playing the field and kissing some serious toads, Joe was going through the exact same thing and the EXACT SAME TIME! I guess he had had enough of the small town feel and was ready for a new adventure in “the big city” of Houston, Tx. (We’re not really in HOUSTON Houston, we’re just outside of it). So he packed his little bags and crossed the state line. Now both of us, I guess, had given up on the old fashioned way of dating by either meeting someone through a friend, work, grocery check out line, where ever and decided to give on-line dating a try. Yep, we met on I had been a member for a couple of months, Joe, less than 24hrs. While “searching” through my list of possible suitors (we’ve been watching way too much Tudors… I constantly find myself talking TO myself in old English) I came across Joe and thought/said to myself…out loud… “He looks really familiar, I wonder if thats “so and so’s” friend??” So I sent him a message asking if he knew “so and so”, he replied back yes, I’m sure pretty creeped out as well. We messaged a few more times and the rest was history! We’ve been together since our first date!

My life truly changed on that day. The overwhelming since of peace that I felt has been one of the most memorable feelings, next to giving birth to our beautiful son, Beau. Joe has been a great provider of many things for our little family, and I’m not just talking bringing home the bacon. He really does take care of us the way you would hope a husband would. I wake up every morning knowing in my heart, without a doubt, he chooses me above all others. I am the one he desires to be with each and every day. He brings so much peace and certainty to our little home, which is such a great relief in such uncertain times. And the best part about Joe, he’s a godly man. I think that says everything. Actually that IS everything. Thats what all the others before him were missing… the God particle, if you will. (Ladies, if you’re reading this, know that that makes a world of difference in your relationships with men, and people in general! If they don’t have it, it won’t last) Joe truly loves me the way Christ loved the church. He puts me (and Beau) before himself always, and I do the same. By doing this, we’ve made a constant circle of giving to each other, we never feel like we’re missing something.

Another one of the things I love most about Joe and his willingness to provide for me, and his patience towards my crazy, whack-a-do, fly off the seat of my pants, totally random, hair-brained ideas! If you know me, these come a mile a minute, and never stop! Thankfully he understands that most of what I express is just merely a day dream and that I don’t have any solid expectations of it ever happening. (And if they do, then wooo-hoo!) But he really makes an effort to try and help me accomplish those day dreams, whatever they may be. He supports them and constantly encourages me to get out there and DO! He believes in me, and tells me so all the time! And if he doesn’t think my idea is possible, he’s thinking about a way to make it possible. He’s definitely a problem solver. (Does that make me a problem….creator?!!? Don’t answer that!)

So there you have it folks, a little insight into whom I gave my heart to. My baby daddy! I really could go on and on about him but I think I’ll save some for another day!