So… it’s kinda been a while.

Happy belated Halloween from Team Fuse and Beau the Minion!

Happy belated Halloween from Team Fuse and Beau the Minion!

So yeah, it’s kind of been a while since my last post, sorry about that. And it’s not like I’ve been busy or anything because I really haven’t, just haven’t felt like posting. As most of you know I’m currently pregnant with our second child, 26 weeks to be exact, 14 more to go, and I’ve just been really tired from all that. That’s probably the main reason why I haven’t posted. Between some pretty gnarly morning sickness to some intense Braxton Hicks contractions starting very early on I have visited Negative Nancy land more often times than I care to remember with this pregnancy. Figured since all that deliciousness was at the forefront of my brain everyday I’d stay away from my blog until it calmed down. And it hasn’t.

BUT! There are some positive, happy things that have been going on with Team Fuse. Joe started a new job a couple months ago and is L-O-V-I-N-G it! He is now the ADMINISTRATOR at a small endoscopy center not too far from the house. This has been a dream career move for him for a long time so to see him accomplish this has been pretty awesome.

While this is somewhat bittersweet it also makes me happy, we got rid of (I hate phrasing it that way, is there a better way to say it?) our Jack Russell, Krewe. It was a tearful day, for me mostly, but Krewe is now living out his days, I imagine quite blissfully, at 50 acre ranch in Dallas, Texas. From what I hear his living quarters are quite snazzy and has an entire acre to run as wild and crazy as he wants while he and a few other Jack Russell’s learn to pheasant hunt. It was a tough decision but one that feels right. With the new baby coming we just wouldn’t have had the time needed to play with Krewe.

Speaking of new baby, he’s got a name! Luke Gregory! And YES! We are aware that our children sound like the cast of Dukes of Hazard but I promise you that was not our intentions. Luke was my grandfathers (dad’s dad) middle name and Gregory is my dads first name. And NO we will not be trying for a girl so that we can name her Daisy. We’re done having children. D.O.N.E! Done!

Let’s see, what else is new and fabulous in our lives…Beau will be moving into his big boy bedroom this weekend! We bought him (and Luke) all new Real Tree camo bedding, because we’re kinda country like that, for the big hoorah so I’m hoping for a smooth transition. Beau also experienced his first real Halloween Trick or Treat this year. He was a Minion! He last about 3 houses before going to crazy town and refusing to walk. His Maw (Joe’s mom) carried him the rest of the way. Then of course the very next day he was all about trick or treating and asked to go “trick er treeing” the entire day. He’s something else I tell ya, this kid is always up to something.

Well I think that about covers the meat and potatoes of what’s been going on in our little lives. Like I said, really just anxious for Luke’s arrival and such. And if you’re wondering about what’s been going on in my bit chin’ kitchen, well that’s been a bit stagnant as well. mentally I want to be throwing down all hardcore like I was but I just don’t have the energy or the appetite. It also doesn’t help that I’ve been finding myself leaving the stove or oven on because I have severe prego brain! But! What I have been whipping up can be found either on my Instagram page or Facebook page. Ig:TheKajunKween Facebook: feel free to follow me there and see the latest happenings.

Hope you’re all having a wonderful week so far and if you’re like me you’re getting super excited about fall weather and fall foods! Confession: I started listening to Christmas music about 2-3 weeks ago and yesterday I wanted to put up the Christmas tree but remembered we’re buying a new one this year.

Oh! Real or fake in your house? Let me know! And what are some other Fall/Winter/Holiday must haves that you look forward to each year?

Kajun Kween out!


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