Blog Challenge: Day 3

My Favorite Store(s)

Hmmmm, this is going to be a tough one because I don’t have just ONE favorite store. And can a woman really be expected to choose just ONE!? No. I don’t think so. The world as we know it would stop spinning on it axis if women were forced to choose just one. So I’m going to do mankind a favor and give you my top 5 (or 10, we’ll just see how long it takes me to write this post.)

Grab your keys, your purse, your wallets, and your coffee ladies, we’re going shopping!

Single Life Selfie, dress from


First stop, Goodwill. Any Goodwill, doesn’t matter. Okay maybe it matters just a tad but then again it really doesn’t. Since I quit my job at (incoherent mumbling that rhymes with Skorts Flips) and had Beau I’ve really “downsized” my clothing allowance significantly. Before it was nothing for me to throw $100+ at a single dress from my favorite online store (Pinup Girl Clothing… I dare you not to fall in love!) Now I’m trying to spend that much on several outfits. I do pretty well actually. I also like places like Buffalo Exchange and Blackbird Trading Co. where I can actually trade in my old threads for new ones. And if I’m lucky, make a profit. (The B.E. in the Heights Houston is my favorite so far. Lots of variety there.) My real problem is sticking with a style. I flop back and forth between vintage/rockabilly to casual/preppy housewife to I don’t even know to be honest with you. I’ve just learned to accept that I don’t fall into any certain category other than I dress how the heck I feel when I get out of bed that morning. With that said, clothes shopping can get a little frustrating because I’m trying to shop for all my “personalities”, which is why I stick with resale shops. And try as I might, I want to start sewing my own clothes. Finding the time has been the biggest challenge so far. Moving on…

Casual Housewife… or not. Have I mentioned I love food?


Next stop, home decor. Again, my style personality disorder tends to get in the way of this so it’s a mix of places. Target, Homegoods, Goodwill, and any antique mall between Houston and New Orleans. Joe and I have actually taken a short break from our antiquing so that we can focus our finances in other places. We usually do this before hurricane season so that we can be ready should “The Big One” hit us. I also love a good garage or estate sale, of course when we actually feel like getting up extra early on a Saturday morning.


And last but not least, my lagniappe shopping. Home Depot and Amazon. We actually ordered the chicken wire for the garden house off of Amazon because it was cheaper! Imagine that. We’ve got Amazon Prime so shipping was free, that was a very interesting delivery. As a matter of fact, now that I think about it, we’ve done a significant amount of shopping from Amazon this year. We bought a TON of camping gear (which I will be blogging about very soon because we’ve got our first camping trip coming up. I will make sure to include links too).

(For my gardening good, Maas Nursery in Seabrook, Tx. I get my seeds and plants there. Super friendly folks and just an all out beautiful place to hang out and look around.)


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