ToMAYto, ToMAHto… The Back 40 woes and wonderment

It’s spring time and summer is around the corner. A lot of my friends seem to have caught the contagious gardening bug, and that makes me very happy! I think everyone needs to try and grow something in their own yard, even just a simple herb garden. You’d be surprised at how easy it is and how much you enjoy it. There’s a huge sense of pride that comes along with eating what you took the time to care for and grow yourself!

Here’s a blog post from last year, my first year of gardening. Enjoy!

The Kajun Kween

ToMAYto, ToMAHto

Well this weekend, and some of this evening, I sat my happy bee-hind down and school’d myself on tomatoes! I even started a journal so that I could take notes and make sure I wouldn’t make the same mistakes twice.

Main thing I’ve learned… growing a silly tomato is serious business! And we haven’t even opened the can on the different varieties there are! (You know you just rolled your eyes and smirked a little at my CORNY gardening humor! Well you better get use to it because I could go all day with this! No seriously, I could!) For instance, there are 2 main types of tomatoes, Determinate and Indeterminate. And let me just confess to you right now, it has taken the better part of a week to properly pronounce those 2 words for some strange reason. I have issues. Tomato issues!

Determinate tomatoes…

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