My Latest Quick and Easy Go-To Pasta Recipe

Reblogging this perfect spring and summer pasta dish! This is one of my absolute favorites!

The Kajun Kween

A few months ago my sister gave me the most incredible cookbook I’ve ever had the privilege of owning! It’s The Cook’s Illustrated Cookbook… and YES it’s like the Sports Illustrated magazine of cookbooks, minus the steamy swimsuit addition. (However it can get a little steamy in your kitchen when using this cookbook, so yeah I think they’re about the same! To me anyway! I get pretty turned on when it comes to cooking!!… Ok I’m really taking this a little too far.  A little TMI for ya? I can’t help it! I LOVE TO COOK! Deal with it or get out of my kitchen!)

So yeah, back to the amazing cookbook that’s filled with amazing recipes… 2000 to be exact! There are 890 pages of yummy-should-be-illegal-its-that-good recipes! This book is about which tried and true recipes work and WHY! It literally says “Why such and such works” in the…

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