New Take On Baked Sweet Potatoes

So like every month I get my Martha Stewart LIVING magazine (like a good wife should) and I flipped through it to find what masterpiece I could create that week! Well she had this fancy-schmancy potato pie looking thing that looked amazing! I mean I literally started smelling mashed potatoes! That could also be because I’ve been having an intense craving for mashed potatoes lately. (No, I’m not pregnant….yet! Teehee). Martha, and I can call her that because I obsess and day dream over her recipes and cookware, calls them Potatoes Anna (recipe here).

*excuse this terrible iphone photo*

I didn’t have any regular russet potatoes like it calls for but I had some sweet potatoes (I only used 2) and thus the “meh, potato-potahto” moment was born. I sliced up the sweet potatoes (or yams if you want to be sassy about it) like you would with the russets, but then…OOOOH BUT THEN! Then I brushed each layer with melted butter…and then…. sprinkled a healthy does of chopped pecans (actually I just beat the snot out of them with my rolling pin while in a zip lock bag, I tend to get a little rowdy in the kitchen!)… and then… and then I totally sinned, and sprinkled some good old fashioned brown sugar on top of those sweet little innocent pecans, who were just laying there marinating in the butter! Shame on me! Shame, shame, shame on me!

And there you have it folks, a new delicious way to eat sweet potatoes, or yams if you’re sassy!


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