Mmmmm, that smells so good! What is it?


(terrible pic by the way, not mine its from Ebay!)

Some of you may remember your mother having one of these, or maybe you have one now, but if you don’t know what this is I’ll tell you. It’s a stove top potpourri cooker. You’d fill it with a certain amount of water and add a couple drops of whatever scented oil you had or maybe even from fresh fruit and spices. Put in on a low simmer and wait for the wafting magic to happen.

Well just the other day I was talking to my mom about praying and prayers and how it works for me. (I must really sound like a broken record today because this is my second blog about prayer. I can’t help it! I guess I’m just in a prayerful season right now!) And I asked her if she remembered the little stove top potpourri burner she had back at the “Sarah Drive House”, thats what we call the house I grow up in. She said she did. I said well imagine that inside my head I have a stove (because I’m generally always thinking about what my next baking project is), and on that stove is a small potpourri pot. Instead of bit being filled with spices and fancy oils, its filled with prayers for my family, friends, complete strangers that I met that day, the neighbors, someone’s Facebook status that sounded kinda funky, or just for a random person that popped into my head that day. Anyway, that prayer pot is always on a low simmer, it never runs out of water and it never turns off. I just keep adding more and more to it as things start to simmer and waft around because they are being answered in some kind of way by God. So yeah, thats how my prayers work. Since picturing my prayers in that way the have become more enjoyable, even the scary, serious ones.

And on another note, I love the reminder of my moms potpourri burner. For some reason I was always get excited when she would put in on. It’s one of those things that made the house all warm and fuzzy for me! Thank you mom for those little special touches even though you were just doing a very normal, every day thing! Love you!


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