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50 Best Marriage Love Quotes of 2011

I know I’ve posted about how blessed I am to be in (and apart of) a wonderful marriage. I can say that with great confidence (and a side of cockiness) because I prayed a great deal over my marriage this past year. Not that it was falling apart or we were having trouble because it wasn’t any where near those things. In fact, it has been awesome since day one. But starting in January of 2013 I made it a point to pray daily over my marriage and to give thanks not only to God for blessing us, but to verbally thank Joe for things he did for Beau and I. Even the little things like changing a lightbulb or taking out the trash. I challenged myself to try and live in a constant state of appreciation of him, as well as other things in my life. That may sound like I only see life through rose colored glasses. Ha! Hardly! I see how ugly the world is and I see how quickly a marriage can fall apart if not maintained. I just choose to focus more on the positive instead of dwelling on any negative. With that said, don’t think I sweep the negative under the rug either. It gets dealt with (head on) as quickly as possible and THEN taken off the table. But one thing is for certain, I prayed hard this past year, and I’m going to pray even harder this year!

I’m sure you’ve heard or seen “Pray about everything, worry about nothing.” Philippians 4:6. Well that’s exactly what I did. “Gosh Jen! How do you do it? How do you just stop worrying about things?” You just do! You just get to a point where you realize worrying about every little thing, in or out of your control, is stupid and a complete waste of time, and then you just give up! Just give up! Just quit and just pray about it! Pray about everything, even the small stuff.

The other day I thought I had lost a picture of my grandfather and I. The picture was taken on the last day I would ever see him, I didn’t know. When I realized the picture may be lost or accidentally thrown out w the trash I immediately became sick with worry and my heart began to break. I’m sure a simple picture seems trivial to some but if you know me you know I’m very sentimental, maybe even too sentimental. So I went to bed that night with that sad thought on my heart. When I woke up the next morning it was the first thing on my mind so I immediately prayed about it. Now here’s an interesting tidbit. A few years before, I threw out an album of pictures before really going through it. Several months later I realized this certain picture was in that album. I cried about it for a couple days and eventually moved passed it. Fast forward to discovering that there was a second copy of it, only to think it had been lost for ever AGAIN! Within an hour of praying and asking God to help me find it, or at least to take the sting away from losing it a second time (and then being mad at myself for being so careless!), I started my search through picture boxes. I was determined to go through every single photo in all 3 of the boxes. Well don’t you know! The first box I go through it’s sitting there right on top! I’m pretty sure I squealed out loud! I teared up and immediately gave thanks for my answered prayers!

Anyway, the moral of that story is that nothing is too small or “petty” for God. Pray about anything and everything! Shoot! You can pray about praying!

And definitely pray about your marriage. I’ve heard people say “Don’t pray for patience. Because God will test you!” Instead pray in the midst of a situation for God to HELP you be more patient. Same thing kind of applies in your marriage. Don’t ask God to change your spouse because of something you don’t like. Instead pray for God to work in your own heart when it comes to dealing with your spouses “annoying quirks”. Pray about how to talk to your spouse if a discussion needs to happen. Ask God to give you the words to say and to help you say everything out of love. Ask Him to prepare a certain time for the discussion so that there are no distractions. Ask that He open your ears and heart to hear what your spouse has to say. You can’t change your spouse, only God has that kind of power, so leave the big tasks to him. “You do you!” I think that’s what all the kids are saying these days.

Well I hope what I shared today wasn’t too long winded and made some kind of sense.

“Pray about everything, worry about nothing!” Maybe we should all get that tattooed on our foreheads as a constant reminder instead of pinning it on Pinterest.

Thanks for reading!

(Ps please feel free to point out any type-o’s and grammatical errors on my blogs! I need help in a big way on that! The Cajun girl wants to APPEAR more intelligent than she really is! Ha! Ha! You can email corrections to )


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