So its 2014…

And I’m already feeling like this year is going to be another great year. Just like last year! Last year was awesome, no drama, no crisis, no nothing! Some might even say it was boring. And I’ll gladly take boring! Trust me!

But this year I’m already beginning to wonder if I should be doing more. My marriage is great, to me anyway. Joe appears to be happy as a clam with me. I mean I’ve been feeding the guy like you wouldn’t believe so what does he have to complain about! (Just kidding Joe!) But seriously, our marriage is solid! We’re both on the same page for everything and it’s all going good.

My kiddo is healthy as a horse, with the exception of his food allergies. He has not been to the doctor once since he was born, other than for his well baby checkup and shots. He’s happy! He’s incredibly social! Never meets a stranger and has blessed complete strangers with his squeaky “HI!” (One lady actually stopped us and said “I needed that today! Thank you!”)

We’re slowly but surely working our way out of some debt, so thats always a plus! Slow and steady wins the race, right?!

Joe and I have both dedicated more of our hearts and lives to serving God and really learning what it means to just let go and let Him take the reigns. We probably pray more now for each other, and those who need it or ask for it, than we ever have. We’re actively apart of a bible study group. 

So while I feel like every puzzle piece is in its place I still wonder if I’m doing all I should and could be doing. I mean seriously, life is so stupid good right now! I never feel like anything is lacking or coming up short. I guess I’m just wondering if I’m doing my job in life. Okay, so I let the dishes pile up or the laundry is behind, but thats not what I’m talking about. Am I being the best wife I could possibly be for Joe? Is there more I could do for Beau? More importantly, am I living my life the way God intended? I guess I should be thankful that neither Joe, Beau, or God send me weekly progress reports like I use to get in school! Ha!

I feel confident that I’m doing okay in all those areas, just want to make sure for certain. How does one go about finding an answer to that question? I could ask Joe flat out but I know he’d say I was being silly and that its all good! Beau would just tell me “No!”, only because thats his second favorite word! And I’ll be honest, I’m kinda nervous about what God would have to say, BUT I would be relieved to have an answer. That way I could go into 2014 with a plan and a purpose!

We really have had a wonderful year and give all the credit to God. It’s amazing how peaceful life can be when you give everything over to him and put your life in his hands! I’m not saying its been easy, I’m just saying that every day the choice to do so gets easier! For us anyway! We’ve stepped out from under his umbrella before and it was terrible! Neither of us wants to do that again!

So here’s to finding out what 2014 will be about! I hope I get a passing grade at the end of the year!



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