Love is all you need…

Well, you need food, water, and oxygen too, but love is pretty important too! And I love that the people I love most dearly love me just as dearly!

Yesterday, my best friend from elementary school and his friend stopped by for a visit! The best part of the visit? THEY STAYED FOR SEVERAL HOURS! I couldn’t believe it! I thought they would just be here for a quick bite and then head to their hotel, but no! They stayed, we ate, we conversed, got some good snuggle time with Beau! It was awesome! More than I could have asked for in a “catch up” kind of visit! (We also had gumbo and pecan pie, so what could possibly go wrong! Nothing! A day of perfection!)

Today, Joe sent me a text telling me to be ready by 1:30p because we were going somewhere! Whaaaaat?! I immediately responded with “what do I wear?!”, you can’t just tell a woman to be ready by a certain time and not give her some kind of indication on what she should wear! He could be taking me to the beach for all I know and here I am putting on pearls and a church dress! Not really. But still a woman’s gotta know these things. He sends back “dress casual”. I’ll be honest I was still a little confused because did he mean dress CASUAL or DRESS CASUAL, there’s difference. Anyway, while I was whirling about my bedroom trying on outfits he sends another text telling me to pick any antique store I wanted because he was taking me shopping for the last of my Christmas gifts! WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT! I think I went blind with excitement! Actually I just started crying! How did I get so lucky!? I must have done something right for God to bless with me such a man! So as soon as he gets home, its off to Alvin, Tx we go! Its not my most favorite of antique malls but I know the holiday traffic into Houston is a nightmare right now and Joe would quickly regret his surprise for me! See, that is the kind of compromise that makes a marriage work! 

Tomorrow, my folks are coming over to eat a small Christmas Eve dinner and mom will do some kind of art project with Beau.  We will be eating Stuffed Ponce (stuffed pigs stomach) incase you were wondering! Its nice to have my parents so close and that mom is now doing the same kind of art projects with Beau as she did with me! I love getting to relive my favorite parts of my childhood through Beau!

Then on Christmas Day we are going to my sisters for Christmas lupper (lunch/supper). I’m making a fancy cake for that! I’m really looking forward to it because I don’t get to see my sister that often since they moved. I also have a silly little gift that I’ve been dying to give her! 

I’m just lovin’ all the family and friend love that’s been coming and going through my house this holiday season!

For Thanksgiving we were in Louisiana stuffing our own stomachs with my mother-in-laws amazingly delicious cajun food and stuffed ourselves even further at my grandparents house, something I haven’t been able to do in years!

I really feel like this holiday season was one of the best seasons I’ve ever had! None of it has been stressful, no hurt feelings, no general funk! Just all out love! Thats how it should be! I never understood why the holidays end up being such a pain in everyone’s bahonkus when it should be ALL about quality time and loving each other! A time to look back on the year and appreciate all the good! And of course a time to reflect on Jesus’ birth and how different our lives would be had it not been for him. 

So as 2013 comes to a close, I hope that everyone can put down their stones for just a minute and take the time to love someone, and I mean really love someone! Do it without reservation! Just love! Agree to disagree, do whatever you gotta do and just love! Just smiling at a stranger or saying a simple thank you is enough for someone to feel loved! And make it GENUINE! I know I’ve started making it a point  to smile, and say hello and thank you to strangers at lot more. Stop waiting on someone else to be kind to you first, you may be waiting your whole life! Step outside your comfort zone and be different! You’ll be amazed at how the world gives back when you give first!

Merry Christmas everyone! Hope you have an incredibly blessed holiday and Happy New Year!


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