This video will make you a better person

This video will make you a better person.


Just wow! I don’t think I have any additional words to describe this blog and the video! Defiantly an amazing perspective on life and God’s purpose for us. I love what she had to say about miracles and that they are just a shadow of what’s to come. How true is that! When you think about a healing being a miracle it really is just a “temporary fix” for what inevitably is to come, death. The true healing comes when, we as believers, die and go to heaven.

What an amazing, courageous woman! I can only hope to have just once ounce of her courage should I ever be faced with something like that.

Thank you Abby Smith for your faith, your heart, and your message! I truly believe you came, you saw, you conquered. You are a warrior for Christ and His army!


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