Day # “Whatever”… time to catch up

Got a little behind on my “Days of Thanks” posts… forgive me for I have Facebook sinned!

Think I’m just going to go all the way to day 30 so I can go to bed with clear conscious tonight. Getting this task done has really been weighing me down. Not really… ok maybe a little.  Hope you have your coffee and a blanket ready because this is going to be a long one!

Day 2: I’m of course thankful for my husband. And if he isn’t aware of it by now then he needs to get hit in the head with a brick because I’m pretty sure I thank him EVERY SINGLE DAY for something that he’s done (or not done!) or said (or not said!). For example, last night we were laying around like total stuffed pigs, watching Christmas Vacation (shut it if you think it’s too early! It’s never too early for “The shitter is full!” and a million other classic quotes from that movie!) I thanked him for holding my hand in the car while we rode around. It’s those little moments with him that I cherish the most! I’m thankful that he’s a big romantic softy deep down inside and truly loves doing “the little things” for me. I’m thankful that he doesn’t forget how important that stuff is to me! I’m also thankful of his unconditional love and support for me and our little family! He has really become the family man God intended him to be this year and I’m so thankful to be on the receiving end  of that transformation!

Day 3: Beau. Beau. BEEEEEAU EVANS!!!!!!! My child, I’m so thankful for you, even when you’re being a turd! Actually, you’re not being a turd, you’re being you (and hitting those “terrible-twos a tad early), and I’m thankful for your out-going personality and your passion for making people laugh and smile! I’m thankful that God chose Joe and I to have front row seats to one of the greatest shows on earth, watching our very own creation change the world one smile and hug at a time! 

Day 4: My family. What incredible people they are. Their love and support cannot be matched by any other. Maybe some people think we’re “different”, but I think that can be said by any outsider. I know one thing is for sure, there has never been a time where I felt alone or unloved. I’m also thankful for having a family that is easy to love and be loved! I also love how they taught me the true meaning of unconditional love and how we’ve always been a family of “helpers”. For as long as I could remember we’ve always helped someone in some way. Whether taking them in to live with us, to taking a couple special needs kids on a Christmas shopping spree one year (that was so much fun!), to just lending an ear or taking the time to pray with someone. 

Day 5: My in-laws. Maw and Paw are incredibly special to me and I truly love them! I don’t know how many people can say they truly love their in-laws, well I do! There are days where I’ll tell Joe “I really need some Glenda in my life right now!” and I’ll either call her or we’ll just go in for the weekend. I also love seeing my father-in-law get so excited to spend time with Beau. I’m looking forward to Beau spending some summers with them and learning more and more about his cajun heritage. My grandparents (dads side) aren’t around anymore so it’s comforting to know Beau will be getting a good healthy dose of Cajun life from Joe’s parents. I love that they still speak french and eat traditional home cooked Cajun foods, something thats a little hard to come by here in Houston. 

Day 6: My health. I don’t know what my secret is or what I’m doing (or not doing) but I haven’t been sick in close to 5+ years now. (Morning sickness and hangovers don’t count!) Even when I worked in the salon and touched all those sick clients during flu season, I never got sick. I better knock on wood now that I’ve posted this!

Day 7: As strange as this may sound, the internet! Yes its a blessing and a curse, but mostly a blessing. For me anyway. Since Joe and I have become more and more interested in getting into homesteading surfing the net for info has been incredibly helpful. I’m also thankful for the connections I’ve been able to make through some of the Facebook groups I’m apart of, such as gardening and canning. Having that kind of knowledge at my fingertips has been awesome! I’ve also formed an incredible bond with some very special women in a private group that I created and am very thankful to have them in my life as well, even though we are miles apart. Their love and support is very much appreciated, specially when I was a new mommy! I’m also thankful for this blog. Being able to jot down my deep thoughts has been awesome. I love going back and reading some of the things I’ve posted and getting to appreciate that moment over and over again. While memories fade, my posts will live on in cyber space (and the NSA) forever! But what I love most of all about blogging and the internet is the opportunity to share with anyone, everyone, my life and what God has done in it. Thats the greatest feeling of all! So THANK YOU for being on the other end of this connection and reading my stuffs! 

Day 8: Me. I’m thankful for myself! Wow! Is that vain or what!? I don’t think so. As a matter of fact, I think we all tend to under appreciate ourselves and for some stupid reason wait for others to “notice” us. Well, I ain’t got time fa-dat! I’m going to appreciate myself whenever and wherever! I got myself to today and I’ll get myself to tomorrow! God willing of course! There have been so many little things that I’ve impressed myself with lately that if I didn’t look like a freak high-fiving myself on a daily basis I would! For instance, I picked up a half eaten, dead rat in the back yard (I had gloves on!) the other day and didn’t think twice about it. My only complaint were that I couldn’t find the other half because Krewe ate it and probably hacked it back up somewhere. Don’t need Beau finding that in the yard! I’m also proud of myself for tackling this stay at home mom thing head on and giving myself grace on the days I feel like a failure. Being a SAHM has always been my “dream job”, and adding 50’s flair to it, well thats just the icing on the cake! I think learning how to appreciate myself takes some of the pressure off of Joe, I’m guessing anyway. I haven’t really asked him but I’d like to think he’s happy knowing I’m not some insanely insecure wife who needs reassurance every 30 seconds. Sure I enjoy the compliments he throws my way but at the end of the day, I KNOW I still kick ass!

Day 9: My trade. No wait, is cosmetology considered “trade school”? I don’t know. Who cares. I went to school for it, I got the certificate, so I’m legit. I’m thankful for it because if push comes to shove I can find work ANYWHERE! No matter what the economy does, hair will never stop growing and people will need haircuts! I’ve also had the opportunity to meet some pretty awesome people, and at times that was even better than making money! The clients I had/have mean the world to me. They are practically family, and always will be. Even though I may not have worked at the greatest salon, I still enjoyed getting up everyday and being their for my clients. I’m also thankful for being able to support myself during a time that really sucked! Being able to focus on helping other people look and feel their best, helped me look and feel my best. 

Day 10: Joe’s job. Sure its stressful at times and its got its issues but its paying our bills and its enough to allow me to stay home with Beau. And thats been important to both of us. I’m also thankful for the group of women that work for Joe. They care about and respect him and do their best to work hard when needed. 

Day 11: My deep freezer. While it may not be jam packed with goodies right now, its steadily getting there. Without my deep freezer we wouldn’t be able to stock up on specialty meats from back home and I think Joe would go insane! 

Day 12: My garden. Even though I have fed every living creature outside of our home with it, it has been a joy. I’m even thankful that I’m not nearly as obsessed with it as I was. I’m kinda bummed that winter is approaching and things have slowed down but you better believe I’m using this down time to plan for next spring! Its going to be on like Donkey Kong and will be attempting a Fort Knox type security fencing around it!

Day 13: Our neighbors, specifically Neighbor Julie and Neighbor Kody! Having them helps me to believe that America is still the America we see in the movies set in the 40’s and 50’s where everyone hangs out and BBQ’s while the kids and dogs run crazy through the yard! Neighbor Julie is responsible for my canning craze! I blame her! And in the near future (fingers crossed) Neighbor Kody will be responsible for helping Joe fill our deep freezer full of deer meat next year! I really do love them and appreciate their friendship!

Day 14: My best friend, Frank.   When I say “we go way back”, we really do! Like elementary way back! The only way I could best describe our friendship is if you could combine all of the characters from Will and Grace you make us. Frank and Jen. He is equal parts Will and Jack and I am equal parts Grace and Karen. We talk just about every other day and I love him like we are blood related. I don’t think he truly understands how much his phone calls mean to me. I also don’t think I’ve ever had another friend in my whole life ever care so much about me like he does. (Side note: We haven’t seen each other in, I’m guessing, 5+ years but I hopefully get to see him this December! I’m beyond excited!) (Side note #2: he was supposed to be my guest blogger btw! AHEM! I know you’re reading this FRANCIS!)

Day 15: Thankful that I’m not a big Negative Nancy anymore! Jeeze Louise that side of me sucks! I would internally complain to myself for complaining! Yeah I still have my Debbie Downer moments but I’d like to think I’m not as bad as I use to be. I don’t know, maybe my family would disagree, but I’m just thankful that “phase” has passed. Or that my eyes are wide open now. Who knows. Just thankful to be thankful!

Day 16: Thankful for the people in my bible study group. Even though there are days I don’t feel like going because I’m too tired, or just don’t feel like putting on pants and a bra, I’m always thankful when we do go. I’m thankful to be around other people who aren’t afraid to be open and honest about their own lives. I’m thankful for the INCREDIBLE love and support they’ve shown us over the last few months, specially when we’ve needed prayer on some things.

Day 18: I’m thankful for author Larry Crabb for unknowingly giving me the best slap in the face, kick to the head that I so desperately needed a few years ago. I know you’ve heard me talk about his book “Shattered Dreams: Gods unexpected pathway to joy.” about a million times. (I’m glad being a fan of a certain book doesn’t make you out to be some creepy stalker… or maybe it does! I don’t care! I love his book!) But seriously! I owe quite a bit to that book! I probably owe even more to my sister for saying “here read this book”! I don’t think I could have sat here and listed 30 things to be thankful for had it not been for that book. I think I’d still be living in Negative Nancy Land and running for mayor of Crazy Town by now! So thanks Mr Crabb, you’re work is awesome and I’m looking forward to reading more of your good words!

Day 19: My marriage. Its built on the foundation of God’s love and wrapped up and sealed tight with mutual respect. Thats pretty much all I need to say about it because anything else is just added lagniappe awesomeness! (Neighbor Julie… I know you just read that as Lag-n-pipe! HAHA!)

Day 20: Even though the year isn’t over, I’m thankful we’ve gotten this far without something catastrophic! Nuff said! (knocking on wood!)

Day 21: I’m thankful to be out of the “first year/new mommy” blues and ridiculous hormones! Holy crap that time framed sucked! Nothing I can’t stand more than not being in control of my emotions or body for that matter! And as I’m tying this I’m shaking my head and laughing to myself because I know I will be returning to the phase one last time soon. No I’m not pregnant now, but there have been some discussions of when.

Day 22: My home wax kit. Ladies and gents, I’m going to just go ahead and lay it all out on the table for your here and now. First I’d like to bend the ear of some fellas out there. I know its currently Movemeber “grow a mustache/ No Shave November”, or whatever you crazy kids call it. But let me just tell you, you can’t hold a candle to a woman who’s just had a baby or comes from a long line of hairy Cajun apes! Seriously! If I didn’t face-scape once a week, I’d put Duck Dynasty, Santa Clause, my husband, Abe Lincoln, and every lumberjack there ever was to shame! Its a running joke in our house and I threaten Joe all the time that I’m just going to stop waxing and grow it out! I even confessed to my sister that I would suck as a player on Survior or as a Dooms Day Prepper because all I’d care about would be the ability, or lack there-of, to pluck and wax from my forehead down to my neck! If I ever were to take up hoarding, it would be tweezers and wax strips! Ever want to see me lose my mind and have a complete melt down? Hide my tweezers from me for a day or two and I will become as rabid and ugly looking as a possum cornered in a behind a dumpster. And to the ladies, I know you know what I’m talking about and know you just literally laughed out loud (maybe even peed a little) reading this!

Day 23: I’m thankful for being a believer! I’m thankful that I know God personally and that we talk daily. I’m thankful that I’ve finally pulled my head out of my own pa-toot and gave up control of my life to Him. Because of that, I’ve able to live a freer life and recognize daily all the things to be thankful for. I’m also thankful that at some point I’m going to die and spend eternity in heaven. I’ve had some pretty hellacious days here on earth and nothing seems more exciting then going to heaven. I’m even more excited that the people I care most about will be there with me! So Jesus, feel free to toot that horn! We’re all ready!

Day 24: I’m thankful for unanswered prayers. (don’t worry, I’m singing the country song too now!) I’m glad some things didn’t play out like I had hoped. I’m thankful that I’m realistic enough to understand and accept why God doesn’t answer all of our prayers. I’m thankful that I’m mature enough to be perfectly okay with that!

Day 25: I’m thankful I’ve lived to be this old! For some reason, when I was 18 I had it in my head that I wouldn’t live past 26. I have no idea why I thought that, but I did.

Day 26: I’m thankful for grilled cheese sandwiches. No matter the time of day, weather, or occasion, grilled cheese sandwiches are always a good idea! And they are so versatile too!

Day 27: I’m thankful for my size 10 Old Navy/Goodwill jeans! I live in them!

Day 28: I’m thankful for Christmas season. I admit, I like to get a head start but its my favorite time of year. Its actually the most romantic time of the year for me, aside from my wedding anniversary. You can keep your stupid Valentines Day, I love Christmas! The fireplace cracking, the hot ciders, the stupid, ridiculous good food, the MOOOOOVIES! And OMG the COOLER WEATHER! Most of my family, specially my cousins, will agree, I CAN’T STAND to be hot! Don’t touch me, don’t sit next to me, don’t even look in my general direction if I’m hot! I will kill you right where you stand if you do! I told Joe that we better carefully plan baby number 2 as best we can so that I’m not big and pregnant during the summer or you will either divorce me or ship me off to Alaska because I will be in such a bitchy mood!

Day 29: I’m thankful this list is almost over! My fingers are numb! And I’m thankful for all the Grammar Nazi’s for showing me some grace! I’m sure this blog is a hot mess of errors! I promise to edit them as I see them! 😉

Day 30: I’m thankful for you! I’m thankful for you taking the time to read this blog to the very end. I’m thankful for the readers who email me saying how much they appreciate and enjoy my blogs! I’m thankful for those quick moments in my day that I get to spend in a positive conversation with someone about anything! 

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I hope you have a very blessed year and have tons to be thankful for!



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