To my Daughter,

Jen I love you and care for your happiness. Today and everyday, God gives us new mercy and grace, he takes us where we are. I know this for myself, as I know I am weak in many areas. But have found strength in His word because its the only truth I have ever trusted in. I am praying for you today, as everyday, listen to this music, let God speak to you. Let him reveal the Jennifer you are looking for. Let him open your heart to the desires that you were intended for, for his love brings true joy, peace, and comfort. He will because He is your true father, as he is mine and he loves us so much, and has so many great things planned for us here, and in heaven. Life is hard, the world is a mess, and I am not big enough, or smart enough to handle it. Thanks to your mom, prayer and Gods holy spirit, I can write this to you today. I am here for you.

I didn’t like myself but your mom loved me. And I didn’t think I was smart or capable of work. I’ve never been without a job. I didn’t think my work was good enough. I have never been fired or not been paid for my work. I never thought I would be a father. I’ve got two wonderful daughters.

What I’m trying to say is, it didn’t matter what I thought, it mattered to God, that he loves me and wants the very best for me, in spite of myself. He wants the same for you.

With all my love, all the power of Heaven,



My dad wrote this letter to me sometime during my senior year-going into college, I think after a pretty harsh breakup with a boyfriend. Its amazing how crystal clear his words and advice are to me now, some 14 years later. And what I love most, is that he’s absolutely right! I am living the life that God intended for me. I have an incredibly loving husband, who prays for me (and with me) and I have an amazing son, who’s unconditional love could melt even the coldest persons heart.

Because I opened my eyes, ears, and heart to God, I am truly living out the desires of my heart!


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