Prayers for Beau

Good morning everyone! Just wanted to ask for a small favor.

Please be in prayer for Beau, and myself, this morning. As most of you have already seen, Beau is very bow legged and pigeon toed. So today he’s having X-rays done to see if they will correct themselves as he continues to grow or if he will need surgery in a few years. From what we’ve been told, if he legs do not straighten out on their own they will have to break his legs and reset them. And then of course there would be some kind if physical therapy I’m sure. (Just typing that out my my heart sink and stomach turn!) Having had ACL replacement surgery myself, along with PT, I’m not looking forward to watching him go through that, should that be the case!

So prayers that maybe there is something we can do at home to help or that it will work itself out!

Thank you for your love and support!
Xoxo Jen



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