Prayers For Beau: UPDATE

Ok just got back from talking w the doctor. X-rays weren’t needed because he was able to watch him walk. I don’t remember all the technical jargon he used, Joe was there so he can better translate, but basically his left leg is worse than his right and there are things we can do at home to help correct it.

For now he wants us to make him sit Indian-style more and make sleep on his back instead of on his stomach with his knees tucked under him. Not sure how we’re going to do that without strapping him to the bed! We will just have to wait and see if these “home remedies” work, if not, he will make him some special plates that fit in his shoes. And if that doesn’t work we will revisit the surgery option.

If any of you have had experience with this plead feel free to comment below or email me at with suggestions!

Thank you everyone for your prayers and kind words!


4 thoughts on “Prayers For Beau: UPDATE

  1. Glad the little guy didn’t have to get an x-ray!

    My younger brother was pigeon toed when he was little. My mom put him to sleep wearing shoes (and I think my grandma wanted to sew his pj legs together too). Probably old wives remedies but might be enough to keep Beau from being able to curl his legs up at night 🙂


    • TheKajunKween says:

      If I knew Beau would t take his shoes off I would totally try that! The kid HATES to wear shoes!

      Thanks for the prayers girlie! I really appreciate it.


  2. Terri says:

    Praying for your sweet little man!

    Our family has had toe walkers which is an issue also. Fortunately as they grew it slowly corrected itself. Hoping Beau will have the same over time.

    Take care!


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