Rolling Stones Quotes and a book giveaway! What?!

   Once again while washing the dishes I had a light bulb moment. (Sorry Joe, I promise to get the dishes done as soon as I finish hammering out this post! Love ya!) Well I had several light bulb moments and I’m going to try and put them all down here in one big fancy post!

                                                   Light Bulb 1: “You get what you get and you don’t throw a fit!”

I always thought that saying was cute, specially for kids, but I’d like to feed it some Flintstone chewables and watch it grow up and mature into a quote that is appropriate for adults. “You get what HE (God) gives and you don’t throw a fit!” Basically shut up you big whimp and quit complaining! You’re in a funky chapter of your life right now because thats exactly where God planned for you to be! So wake up, clean those crusty eye boogers out of your eyes and pay attention! What’s that? God is mean because he’s not answering your prayers instantly, or not answering them the way you wanted… or even at all? Well I hate to tell you this, but guess what! Again, its all part of His plan! He allows us to suffer for a reason. That reason being, so that we will drop everything and give all our troubles to him, so that HE can work it out for us and through us. “Oh but Jen, what about the murders and the crimes and blah blah blah”. Now I’m no expert, I’m actually just a simple housewife who is speaking purely from what I’ve experienced in my own life and the wonderful bitch Jesus slap in the face I’ve received numerous times. But I’d be willing to bet, God has allowed those terrible things to happen because, as a world, we don’t rely on him daily. We’re human, we’re supposed to be free willed, thats how he created us. He created us to think for ourselves and to choose to follow or not follow him. Anyway, point of the matter is, you don’t like what’s going on in your life? Good! Give up! Give up and give EVERYTHING over to God! Even the little stuff! Actually if you have a hard time giving up control of your life, start small, he’ll show up even for the little stuff.

Point 2: The Closer to God you are the craftier the devil becomes!


Are your eyes still open? I sure hope so because now that you’re wide awake and giving God your all (and the glory for what he’s done and ABOUT TO DO) you need to be on the look out for the devils trip ups! They come in the most inconspicuous packages! I’m going to use my husband Joe as an example because again I’m just a simple housewife and the only time the devil gets my goat is when he tells Krewe to poop in my garden or chew up my patio furniture!

As you already know, Joe and I have started attending a new church and we are in the process of becoming members. (Is the whole member process/class a new thing because I don’t remember doing this as a kid, oh well, it is what it is.) And during the process we knew we’d hit a road block on some of the beliefs of the church because of the way Joe was raised. I’m not going to get into all the detail because that would make this blog stupid long. But Joe just had some questions and concerns. On top of weighing that stuff out, his boss died last week of a massive heart attack at 39 yrs old! That right there opened Joes eyes to the fact that he may need to start taking better care of himself, he’s 37! So he came home and told me he was going to quit dipping (chewing tobacco). YAY FOR JOE! Hold on to your hats for the rest of human kind while he goes through withdrawls! *** TMI Warning: I don’t think I’ve ever been more compelled to kiss and make out with my husband until now since he’s given up Skoal! Yay for us!***

So all this was going on in the span of a 2 week period and then it hit me. (And some of you may think I’m nuts or even disagree, and thats ok, you know what they say about opinions!) The devil is really doing all he can to trip Joe up and steal his joy! The joy that we had both been experiencing since going back to church! The devil was trying to twist and alter blessings and silver linings in a way that would take the focus of us giving our all to God! (And I say silver lining because even at the viewing last night, his boss’s wife said “If anything can be taken away from this, its that maybe more people will stop and take better care of their health!” And she was right! Joe and one of his colleagues got the Jesus slap across the face and are taking steps to better themselves!) The devil is very good at what he does, I’ll give him that. But he’s not good enough to fly under the radar forever! He eventually gets sniffed out and things get back on the right path! Joe and I verbalized this realization last night in the truck and as the words were coming out of our mouths we felt things start to return to normal. For me anyway, Joe is still going through withdrawals! (Gods speed!)

Point 3: Stop comparing your life to others!


Your life is going the way it is because thats the way God wrote it for you! Sure at some point we’d love to trade places with someone but what you don’t realize is that what one persons desired heaven is another persons personal hell! Some of you may think I have it easy, and for the most part I do. And I’m not going to hold my tongue on the matter either! God has truly blessed me by answering my ultimate prayer, and that was to be a stay at home mom! So thank you Lord! You’re awesome! ::: air high five ::::

Now would I like to trade places with someone? Some days yes! Some days I really miss socializing with adults, some days I really miss collecting a pay check, because I feel like these 4 walls are closing in on me or I feel like I’m about to rip out all my hair and shoot the dog if he digs up my tomatoes one more time! Or for the love of all things holy “BEAU GET OUT OF THE DISHWASHER!” Or how most days I feel like a total failure because the house may be totally clean for no more than 30 minutes before it looks like Hurricane Beau hit it with gusto! See thats MY personal hell! And I know that others have it 10xs worse than me, I get it. Thats not my point, that’s again comparing someone else’s life to mine.  But at the end of the day, when Joe comes home to tell me that he was elbow deep in colonoscopies all day, I don’t seem to mind that Krewe pooped in the garden, that the squirrels and birds have eaten everything I’ve grown or that Beau refused to take a nap or keep his diaper on! In fact, I’m reminded again (insert Jesus slap) just how truly blessed I am and that God did indeed answer my prayers!

I got what He gave, and I’m thankful for it!

I’ve learned this through reading an amazing book! “Shattered Dreams: Gods unexpected pathway to joy!” by Larry Crabb. I know I’ve referred to this book several times but it truly opened my eyes to a lot of things and I’ve been able to really enjoy my life a lot more! I’m not nearly as negative as I once was, and thats because I have a better understanding of things.

Again, I’m not claiming to know everything there is to know about God and his infinite wonder, I’m just sharing with you my simple, cajun housewife viewpoint and stories! I encourage every one to seek out peace and happiness the best way you can!

 I will be giving a way a copy of Shattered Dreams to one lucky winner! Comment below to enter! I will contact the winner via email! Winner to be announced Sunday! Thanks for reading!


9 thoughts on “Rolling Stones Quotes and a book giveaway! What?!

  1. Eileen Comeaux ( Jen's Mom) says:

    We love your blogs, they are so Jennifer. Love your spirit. Gosh, and we are amazed some of the talks we had with you when you were growing up meant something to you . We are blessed through you.


    • TheKajunKween says:

      Thanks Mom! Y’all’s talks taught me a lot and while I may not have appeared to be listening, I was. Thank you for all the lessons! They’ve helped paved the way for my kiddos. And thank you for being a Stay At Home Mom in my early years!


  2. Cheree says:

    Jen, just know that you’re words are making a difference. Our homegroup decided to do a book study and because you had reminded me how powerful Shattered Dreams was in your life, I recommended to the group that we read it together. Well, I’m leading the first study this Friday night. Be praying for folks in our group to find peace where they may have been disappointed before. LOVE YOU!


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