Gettin’ Social

Watch out! Joe and I have been getting our socializing on lately! Some of you already know this, but Joe and I had been looking for a new church for some time, and we found one. Clear Creek Community Church (CCCC for short). We really enjoy it, Beau does too! I’ll have to admit one of the first things that brought us to the church was the nursery area. Having Beau apart of a church setting has been one of our main focuses and the children’s ministry is the cats pajamas! I’m pretty sure Joe and I fell in love with the (rest of) the church shortly after the first couple of services we attended.

After a few visits we decided that we truly wanted to make this our church home and become members so we looked into the “how to” process and that brought us to finding a Small Group. I personally prefer to call it a Home Group because well, its going to someone’s (another church member) home and studying the Bible as well as learning about the church itself. We got plugged in immediately and its been awesome! And I’ll be honest, I’ve been feeling a deep desire to share my cooking talents.. gifts if you will, with others. It does my body good… err… my heart… not so much my body because I use real butter in almost everything I make. Anyway, I needed an outlet for that and just felt like this is where God called me to serve… quite literally. So I bring the goods and they bring the good word. It works out!

Here's a picture I took of last night's Small Group... Look how festive and happy everyone is! And look at those incredible refreshments I provided! I kick ass!

Here’s a picture I took of last night’s Small Group… Look how festive and happy everyone is! And look at those incredible refreshments I provided! I kick ass!

Joe has really enjoyed it as well. And its been INCREDIBLY AMAZING to see him open up his heart and really let the love in. I know he’s still got a lot of questions, and maybe some concerns, but I think all in all, he’s really growing in his relationship with God. Its such a beautiful sight! He’s more relaxed, doesn’t let things get to him as much, and just all around seems more at peace. (If daddy ain’t happy, nobody’s happy!) One thing I know he enjoys the most is the music! Every now and then when he’s really feeling the song he’ll grab me around the waist and hug me real tight while he belts out the tunes in that cute cajun accent of his. I love it! He even raised his hand during a song once and I knew right then we were in a good place! God had answered my prayers.

See I had been praying for Joe, and our little family, for some time now. Praying for us to find a church home that we would all love and find peace in this crazy time that we live in. I prayed mostly for Joe, that he would find a place that he felt comfortable enough to let some of the walls down and really let God in. Cause ya see, every marriage needs a good leader, and I needed the leader of my household to be led by God. And thats exactly what’s happening right this very second! So AMEN to that. ***You may remember back in one of my other blogs I talked about the book “Praying God’s Word for Your Husband” by Kathi Lipp (see blog), well these prayers for Joe were part of that.***

Anyway, I’m just happy to report that we’re finally connecting and really making Texas our little “home”. Once you become part of the community, you really start to feel connected… and ALIVE!

(PS, If you’re some super feminist/women’s lib/whatever-you-call-yourself-cause-I-don’t-even-know-anymore reading my blog, go ahead and post your opinions but know that I more than likely won’t respond because I’ll say it right here and now… Let’s just agree to disagree! And I love the 50’s, where women were women and men were men. You’re not going to change my mind, just like I probably won’t change yours. The End.)


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