Blog Juice! Blog Juice! Blog Juice!


I hate that I don’t blog more often. It’s not that I don’t have ideas, cause I actually have about 3-4 different topics I’d like to blog about. It’s that I don’t have the quiet, uninterrupted time to hammer out something worth batting an eyelash at.

I probably sound like I’m complaining, that’s not my intention. It’s a good thing that I’m too busy to be bored! But not busy enough that I feel spread thin. I’m pleasantly preoccupied if you will!

Maybe tomorrow I’ll do one of those “25 Facts About Me” things. They’re fun for me but boring for you! Haha!

Who knows. I do know that I need to add some more recipes. I’ve cooked a few delicious dishes lately that I should probably share with you. Problem is I don’t have pictures. D’oh! I alway forget to take step by step pics when I’m cooking something. I get a one track mind when I’m in front of the stove and everything else just turns into some fuzzy blur. Unless Beau is screaming his head off for no reason and flinging the dishes out of the dishwasher.

(Are we really watching some show on how these super ridiculous yachts are built? I guess so.)

Alright folks, time for bed. I’ve got I play catch up on clean up tomorrow! Laaaaame!


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