Road Trippin’


I don’t know about your family road trips but ours can be pretty uneventful. On one hand I’m quite thankful, on the other I’m bored out of my skull!

Joe doesn’t really like to “chit-chat” while driving. I have no idea why either because I’m so eager to flap my gums! I think I just discovered what will engage him… Politics! And if you know me, I’d rather stick a fork in my eye than talk ab our economic ups and downs. It’s not that I don’t care what’s going on, because I really do, it’s just that I’d rather talk about our own little world. Team Fuse if you will.

But as I’m typing this out I’m realizing that maybe the reason why we don’t have big deep, life changing discussions about our little world is because there isn’t much to talk about! And I consider that a very good thing!

So yes! Our little life that we’ve created is going so well that we’re speechless! And YES! I’m going to brag about it and toot the Fuse Family horn! I think we do an excellent job of routine maintenance that there seems to be no sloppy messes to tend to. (We did actually discuss that today in the car. And we both agreed that its because we learned a lot from our previous relationships. And if you add in a healthy dose of trust, respect, and of course some Jesus-ness, you’ve got a recipe for success! Just sayin’!)

I am looking forward to playing road trip games with Beau when he gets older. But for now, it’s lots of peep-eye and word repeating… Like this morning! He said “Crap!” (Thanks Joe!)

So what do you and your family like to do for on the road entertainment?

Joes parents bought Beau a DVD player and both trips we’ve forgotten it. Thankfully he’s pretty content to just staring out the windows or squealing at the top of his lungs!

And the fact that I’ve had time to hammer out a quick blog while on the road should tell you where I find my entertainment. Instagram, Facebook, and Drudge Report are where I’m at usually. (the Drudge Report is a good one bc I can turn Joe into Chatty Cathy by merely mentioning any one of the topics posted. He’s passionate, what can I say!)

Are you one of those parents that’s totally outfitted your backseat into some super road-trip-play-land for your kids? You got the idea from Pinterest didn’t you!? Don’t lie! I’ve seen the suction cup baskets stuck to the windows filled with markers and the baby wipe containers filled with snacks and who knows what else!

Yeah I “ain’t got time for that!”, maybe later! Maybe one day I’ll be on top of that! For now I’m just happy I remembered to pack my toothbrush and clean underwear!

Oh! Well we’re exiting for a potty break! Happy trails to you and yours!


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