Today’s Quick Thoughts…


Just had a quick thought while I was putting dinner in the oven (yes we sometimes eat very early).

The book I’m rereading (see previous blog) “Praying God’s Word For Your Husband” could benefit the all the single ladies (you’re singing “Single Ladies” right now aren’t you! Don’t lie!). I mean I started praying for Joe long before we even met, 2yrs in fact! I mean yeah I dated boneheads from the time of my divorce til I met Joe, but I never stopped praying those same prayers. (I didn’t know about this book until this year by the way, I just prayed my own prayers)

But why not start praying for the man you’ve been dreaming about? Why not pray that he have a good day today, that he does well in his career, that his health is looked after.

I pray every morning that God plant a protective hedge around Joe. That he be protected from evil daily, hourly, moment by moment. And I pray that when evil does get the best of Joe that he be able to handle in a godly manner.

I will be posting more specific prayers as I go back through the book but I just wanted to share this for all my single hot momma’s out there who may be reading this!

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**Pinup’s and Prayer probably don’t go together but oh well! I’m passionate about both so it works for me! Hummmm maybe that could be my new gig “The Praying Pinup”? Kidding mom! (not kidding everybody else!)***


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