Praying for my husband (side note)

As I mentioned earlier, I have prayed for my husband but I wanted to share this story as well.

As most of you already know, both Joe and I were previously married. And divorce can be a real S.O.B, I don’t care which side your on, it sucks.

Joe and I both went through our own personal hells after our divorces and choose two completely different paths when it came to dealing w the reality of it all.

I’m going to tell you a little bit about my side.

My REAL life began when my divorce started. That probably sounds strange but it’s true. I was forced to finally grow up and be an adult. I only had myself to rely on. Sure I had family to help and they were there for me, but it was all up to me to pick myself up and start over again. And that I did.

I moved in with my sister and was an absolute hot mess for weeks. Just cried and threw up everyday! I don’t think I even want to know what was going through my sisters head at the time, but I’m thankful she helped keep me on the right track. She asked questions that made me think. She also gave me a book to read, “Shattered Dreams: Gods unexpected pathway to joy”. Total life changer! I also began to pray, probably because it’s all I knew how to do at the time.

I prayed that God would restore my marriage but I quickly began feeling like that wasn’t going I happen so I changed my prayers. I prayed that God would give me peace about my marriage not being restored. And once I started feeling that peace, I prayed for God to heal my heart. I started feeling that as well. Then I started praying for God to prepare my heart for my future husband bc I knew without a doubt I wanted to marry again one day and have the family I had always dreamed of. Once I started really feeling like I could love again I started praying that God begin to prepare my future husbands heart and to keep him safe. I prayed about many other things but I’ll stop there because I want to share with you something so great, probably even as great as the birth of my son!

You see when I was praying through my divorce for all those things, Joe was going through his divorce as well. He’ll even tell you he wasn’t dealing with it too well! I won’t go into detail because its not my place but God was answering my prayers. He was preparing our hearts to receive each other.

On one of our dates, Joe and I were talking very candidly about how we handled going through our divorces. I told him how I quickly turned everything over to God and he told me how he pretty much drank to forget. He told me how he was even so drunk that he was mad that he woke up the next day! When he said that I immediately started crying!!! He kind of freaked out and asked what was wrong, I said, sobbing, “I have been praying for you! I didn’t know who you were but I have been praying for you! For your safety! For your heart! For you!!” I swear in that moment Gods awesomeness and power became so crystal clear and so real! I can’t even fully describe to you the feeling I had then, it was too incredible.

Every once in a while we reflect back and talk about how terrible all that was but both agree that in the end it was worth it. I know, for me, I’d go through it a thousand times if I had to, if it meant I would be with Joe and have the life and security that I have now.

I’m telling you, prayer works! Don’t believe me, try it! Prove me wrong!



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