The day I had a nervous breakdown in an antique mall…

Is it weird that I almost had a nervous breakdown/anxiety attack over committing to a certain china pattern on bakeware? Probably! And it so totally happened today!

Joe’s parents are in town visiting and we dragged took them to Spring, Tx for some “light” shopping! Went to Old Town Spring, kinda disappointing if you ask me. Unless you’re looking for every Yankee Candle ever made or every blinged out wine glass that was inspired by Pinterest. Not my gig! Give me a musty, moth ball scented antique shop w a side of mildew and I’m in collectors heaven!

My favorite place is Spring Antique Mall. I walk in and I’m like a cat with catnip! Joe knows the routine, Beau goes with him and I’m not to be bothered until I’ve been down every isle and looked through every china cabinet! Unless you want to walk with me and hear me say “Oooh look how cute!” every 20 seconds! (I also give free, unsolicited history lessons!)

Well today was a little different. Today I boldly asked what my spending allowance was! I NEVER ask that. EVER! (We usually look around and if I see something Joe says “well get it babe!” He’s so good to me) But today I did. I felt kind of sassy and bratty doing so but I did it anyway! And off I went…almost running,  like I was on an episode of Supermarket Sweep and I have 30 seconds to find my treasures!

Rounded the first corner and spied a 40s/50s white with a black and gold snowflake pattern casserole dish… WITH THE LID!!! Scooped it up, ran to the counter and asked them to hold it! (DIBS! It’s mine bitches! You can’t have it!) And back off into the vintage abyss I went.

Found a pair of size 8.5 saddle shoes that were in perfect condition. Tried them on, pretended to swing dance in the mirror, and made a mental note of what isle they were one. If I didn’t find anything else ‘I just had to have’, I’d go back and get them. (Kinda wishing I would have got them now that I think about it!)

Just as I was about to call it a day, there they were. A set of Blue Cornflower Corning-ware roasting pans and a few other pieces. Here’s where the drama began.

A lightbulb went off in my head. Lately I’ve been focusing on swapping out all my plain,clear glass Anchor Hocking casserole dishes and other glassware for vintage original pieces.

See here’s the deal, the stuff I collect, I want to actually use and not just have it in some display cabinet to collect dust. Don’t get me wrong, some things get to just sit there and look pretty but for the most part I want to use it and enjoy it!

So here I am holding my Cornflower pieces and staring at a vintage baby pink casserole dish and I holler (literally) for Joe. Now  I know without a doubt I have the coolest husband ever. He comes over and knows immediately I’m having issues and I’m on the verge of a total Veruca Salt level meltdown (except with less greed but definitely a song and dance).  So I explain my problem to him.

Problem: Do I commit to continue searching every antique store known to man for matching/coordinating pieces to my 40s/50s atomic/kitsch casserole dishes and pay a little more bc they are rare and so coveted. Or do I settle for the Blue Cornflower pattern that’s not totally vintage, but kinda is, but isn’t as true vintage as I’d like. (I can be an antique snob sometimes.)

We stood there for what seemed like eternity, was probably 10 mins, going back and forth over what to do. I finally put my head down and apologize to Joe for being such a “dish diva” and he just smiles and says “No, I get it! It’s just like me and my guns. I could spend the money now and scratch the itch or I could wait patiently and slowly collect what I truly want little by little. It’s up to you babe, whatever you want.”

I went with the Cornflower pattern and here’s why. As much as I’d love to have the super cute kitschy stuff, the Cornflower pattern reminds me of when I was a little girl because my mom had it, it’s super easy find, it’s affordable, and totally goes with the French country look I’m going  for.

So there you have it, or there I have it rather! “I’ll take these pieces to go please! And yes I’d like them boxed up!”

I got 2 pie plates, one roasting pan, and a large casserole dish with a lid! Finding a casserole dish w the matching lid is like winning a good chunk on a scratch off lottery ticket!

So Joe paid the woman, I grinned from ear to ear, even told the lady I sometimes day dream about working there, and walked out with an arm full of happiness! I admitted to Joe that I almost cried, he smiled, put his arm around me, kissed my forehead and whispered “I know!”

I’m so glad he gets me!!

Now the problem I’m left with is what to cook! That might be my next blog!

Pics coming soon!


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