Busy Bee’s

Wow what a day!!! Beau slept until about 7:45a!!! That immediately made my whole entire day right there! I think I could have not given two hoots about how the rest of the day was going to pan out because I got to sleep in for one whole extra hour! It was seriously a major highlight of my day!

The second highlight of my day was spending time with my family, specifically my sister and her crew. They recently moved to Sugarland, Tx, and while thats only an hour away from me, it now feels like she’s moved to a different state, in a different United States, on a different planet, in a different galaxy, with different moons and everything. Ok maybe I’m exaggerating a little but it really does feel like she’s far away. I’m sure that has to do with the fact that she previously lived 10 mins from my house. Now we have to actually spend time coordinating visits with each other instead of calling and saying “Hey! Be there in 10, put a bra and some pants on!” Or my favorite “Hey! I’m in your driveway but I don’t have bra on!” (Guys will never understand the seriousness of being braless, I think they take it for granted.) So yeah, now she lives over there.  Its makes our visits much more exciting and special. I just hate cramming a months worth of updates into an 1-2 hour visit. But then again, its ALWAYS over an incredibly amazing home cooked meal. Today, I hosted!!! 

My parents also joined us. Its been awesome to experience my parents as grandparents through my sons eyes. It really takes me back to when I was a kid. (I miss my dads parents so much, but I will save that for another day) Beau just absolutely adores my dad and has figured out that MiMi (my mom) is the one who will supply the ICE! He loooooves ICE! Thankfully she’s always got an ice cold coke and she doesn’t mind sharing. They are both really awesome grandparents and it makes me feel good to see how much they love Beau, and my nephew Kjell. You can tell they are both just so proud of them. I’m just all around proud of my whole family, we may be different in other peoples eyes but we’re totally normal to each other. And we get along!! That says it all right there! I’m truly blessed that God chose them as my family.

So before anyone arrived Joe and I got up early, made fresh Andouille sausage and boudin, and then stuffed ourselves on its incredibleness! We literally look like stuffed sausages right now because we ate so much! Couldn’t help it, it was THAT good! We both really enjoy cooking and take it pretty seriously! 


(there is just something sexy about a man bringing home the bacon… or making sausage with it!)

For instance I drove to 3 stores, today looking for spare parts for our meat grinder. IN THE RAIN mind you! I even waited 20 mins in the drive-thru at Starbucks. Poor me, I know!

By the way, can we just take a quick moment and talk about Starbucks coffee. Now, I will openly admit I was once a ‘Starbux’ snob but that was when I had a job and worked directly behind a SB. Now that I’m a SAHM, I ain’t got time… nor that kind of cash to be spending on some “fancy” coffee. (I used a gift card incase you were wondering.) I drink good ole fashioned Community Coffee from Baton Rouge, La. I think my inlaws got me hooked on it and for some reason the coffee always tastes a thousand times better at their house than at mine. Maybe its because they made it or because I always feel like I’m on some kind of mini-cajun-vacation when we go to visit. Who knows. Anyway, Starbucks, I’m so over you! I’m a CC snob now!

So yeah, got the coffee, picked up parts, then it was on to the real fun! Joe stuffed his sausage (I don’t know why I giggle like a school girl every time I say that… real mature, I know!) and then smoked it on the pit. I made my grandmothers boudin, and stuffed it myself! This was our first time and we enjoyed the hell out of ourselves! Everything turned out near perfectly. Next time I’ll add a little more seasoning and Joe hopes to have a better smoker in the near future. We’re also waiting on the stand-up freezer we ordered to arrive and once it gets here, we’re going to be some sausage stuffing fools! (Don’t lie! You just smirked a little didn’t you!!!) Who knows what else we’ll be whipping up. 


(I look terrible! Next time I’ll wear my pearls and white satin gloves when I’m making boudin… its an art that should be well respected)

Well I think its time to turn in, I’m still so full… like Thanksgiving Day full! Hope you’re having a wonderful weekend as well! Really cherish those family visits, ya never know when you will see them again.


4 thoughts on “Busy Bee’s

    • TheKajunKween says:

      Well there are plenty of houses for sale here so when Larry retires y’all just come on down! Houston has a lot of job opportunities (and antiques for you!!) Schools are really good here too!


  1. Donna says:

    Hey Jen, I have an old smoker that Gomer had not used in several years. It’s electric and probably needs a new element, but you are welcome to it. I’ll send a pic when the sun comes up!


    • TheKajunKween says:

      Yeah! Just send me a pic or at least the make/model info so Joe can look up how much an element would cost. And see how to change it out. Thank you!


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