ToMAYto, ToMAHto… The Back 40 woes and wonderment

ToMAYto, ToMAHto

Well this weekend, and some of this evening, I sat my happy bee-hind down and school’d myself on tomatoes! I even started a journal so that I could take notes and make sure I wouldn’t make the same mistakes twice.

Main thing I’ve learned… growing a silly tomato is serious business! And we haven’t even opened the can on the different varieties there are! (You know you just rolled your eyes and smirked a little at my CORNY gardening humor! Well you better get use to it because I could go all day with this! No seriously, I could!) For instance, there are 2 main types of tomatoes, Determinate and Indeterminate. And let me just confess to you right now, it has taken the better part of a week to properly pronounce those 2 words for some strange reason. I have issues. Tomato issues!

Determinate tomatoes, think Roma, are good for containers because they don’t get crazy big and don’t need a whole lot of, if any, pruning. Indeterminate ones, like your Heinz and Big Boys, need a little extra lovin.. not to mention patience… which is where I failed.  They also like to be pruned or they can easily get crazy out of control.

I had a Big Boy, I killed it. I killed it because I thought I sucked as a gardener and that the gardening gods hated me. Well I still think they do because of all the ‘drama’ I’ve been having with the wildlife in my backyard. Aside from feeding the neighborhood critters, I wasn’t patient enough. Had I waited just a little longer my Big Boy would have probably produced a bunch of lovely tomatoes. But no, being antsy, angry, and annoyed, I ripped the poor thing up in one hormonal fit of rage (I’m pretty sure I was PMSing at the time too! I tend to make horrible, rash decisions then… yeah I’ll blame it on hormones! That’s always the right answer!!!) and hauled it to the curb.

So fast forward to today where I’m getting some serious knowledge dropped on me by the Google Gods… and a gardening web forum. Yep I signed up for that to! Hey! Don’t hate! You’ve got your silly hobbies that I internally roll my eyes at when I hear you talking about it! I kid! I kid! (No really, I sometimes roll my eyes BUT I listen to you because its your thang! And I get it!)

So moral of this story, patience really is a virtue and can’t be purchased at Lowe’s in the garden center. But it can be grown in our hearts with lots of watering and proper pruning. (Awwwww see how I ended that! So nice!)

Le Bon Vie

Ps Sorry for the lack of pics, I know you’re all devastated. Maybe I’ll have a lovely surprise for you tomorrow morning! Krewe leaves me surprises all the time!


One thought on “ToMAYto, ToMAHto… The Back 40 woes and wonderment

  1. TheKajunKween says:

    Reblogged this on The Kajun Kween and commented:

    It’s spring time and summer is around the corner. A lot of my friends seem to have caught the contagious gardening bug, and that makes me very happy! I think everyone needs to try and grow something in their own yard, even just a simple herb garden. You’d be surprised at how easy it is and how much you enjoy it. There’s a huge sense of pride that comes along with eating what you took the time to care for and grow yourself!

    Here’s a blog post from last year, my first year of gardening. Enjoy!


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